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Monday, May 28, 2012

My Interview with Indie screenwriter/Director: Kevin Forte

This is my interview with Indie screenwriter and filmmaker Kevin Forte, you'll really enjoy this read as he's a classy guy all the way. So sit back relax and read a great interview from one of horror's rising stars!

Chris: Kevin, please introduce yourself to my readers by telling them a little about yourself. 

Kevin: Thank you, Chris. My name is Kevin Forte, and I'm from New York, born and raised. I have 2 brothers and my parents have been together for about 35 years. I have been into horror since I was a kid. The original "Dracula" with Bela Lugosi is the first horror movie I have ever seen. Then I began watching more of the modern horror films and truly got sucked into horror. Especially the series of "A Nightmare On Elm Street". I've always wanted to work within the field of horror. At first it was gonna be writing horror stories, make a horror comic, or makeup FX. But then I realized that I should be making horror films and show them to the world.

Chris: Kevin, you just started your own productions company; can you give my readers some details about that please?

Kevin: Forte Films Entertainment is my production company for my films or if anyone wants me to get involve with their projects. It can be for all types of genres. Horror, fantasy, comedy, action, sci-fi, but horror mostly. Just don't ask me to help produce porn projects.

Chris: Let's talk about your body of work, do you have any shorts or trailers out there my readers can view at this moment?

Kevin: I have done 3 short films already and have a trailer to one I plan to film. My first short is "The Appointment", which I filmed in film school. That film was about a depressed man who's tired of how his life is and wishes to die. That is until he wins $31,000,000.00, marries his girlfriend, gonna be a father, and has a successful art business. However things change when his appointment with a man name Mr. Calaway is not who he really seems to be. The second is "Orlock", a film that's a tribute to the 1922 silent horror classic, "Nosferatu." That was about a young woman, who is obsess with becoming a vampire that she calls to him. But will he come to turn her or take her life? And then there's "Last Laugh" which is about a teenage girl who's being terrorized by an evil clown after a heated argument with her mom. Trying to get the sequel to that one made very soon. Made a teaser trailer for it as well.

Chris: What are your dreams for your productions company?

Kevin: Hopefully to span out to other filmmakers and mostly to get me into the doors of Hollywood.

Chris:  I must ask as we're both fans of Return Of The Living Dead part 1, what is your favorite scene?

Kevin: That's a very tough question to ask. That film has many great scenes. But the introduction of The Tarman and him killing Suicide is one of my favorite scenes. Plus you gotta love Trash dancing nude in the cemetery, and staying nude through the whole film.

Chris: Who inspired you to become a horror director?

Kevin: George A. Romero is definitely one of them. After all, he did change not just zombies, but horror films forever. Wes Craven as well since Freddy Krueger is my favorite horror character of all time. The darkness in Tim Burton's films also intrigued me as well. Let's just say it's a big list.

Chris:  I've asked our mutual friend Irenia Guajardo this and i ask you the same: What are you thoughts on the current climate of horror films in Hollywood? 

Kevin:  Not happy that there's really not much creativity in mainstream horror these days. Not like what we had in the 80's, the 90's, and parts of last decade. But in the indie and foreign horror there is many creativity. Films like "The Human Centipede", "Let The Right One In", "Stakeland", "Martyrs", and more. But it's good that new blood like "Paranormal Activity", "The Cabin In The Woods", and others are keeping mainstream horror alive. I have no problems with remakes. But it can't be just recycling old classics and not think of something new. As much as "Saw" didn't know when to quit until 2010, it was fresh blood and introduced us to a new horror icon, John "Jigsaw" Kramer.

Chris: Do believe its easier to get your films out there to the public via the social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter?

Kevin: It is definitely a good way to connect with others all over the world. Everyone is online looking at new videos and finding people to connect and help out. However, it's still the same as the real world, you gotta know who is really gonna help promote you. It is good to share your website, projects, and others with total strangers who are into the same interest that you have with them.

Chris:  I've seen many pictures of your huge collection of horror items, I have to know at what age did you start collecting these great items? 

Kevin: I have to say around the age of 8 when I bought the "A Nightmare On Elm Street" Sticker Album. Then I started collecting masks when Halloween came around. When I got older and started working, I began to buy more expensive horror items. Going to horror conventions is definitely a big help building my collection. Plus meeting all the cool horror celebrities and getting their autographs is a great experience for any horror hound out there. Collecting horror memorabilia is like opening a carton of Pringles, because once you pop, you can't stop.

Chris: Finally, sir I thank you for your time and if you have any plugs you'd like to make please do so.

Kevin:  Just to tell others that have goals that they want to achieve, go after them no mater what anyone tells you. Don't follow...lead. Plus checkout my official web site www.fortefilmsentertainment.com and like my Facebook page as well. Keep indie horror alive.