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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Interview With Cyndi Crotts

You like Pin-ups? Horror movies and female directors? Goooooood, let's talk shop with Cyndi Crotts then.

Chris: Cyndi, First can you please tell us where your from?

Cyndi: Well I was born in SC but I grew up traveling around the US with my parents. from age 7 till about age 16 I was always going from state to state...my parents work was the reason we moved so very much. I'd say I have lived in over 13 states and at least traveled through about all of them...lol

Chris:  You seem to do a little bit of everything, directing, producing, acting, modeling- what do you get the most joy out of?  

Cyndi: I get the most joy from acting. That is my number one passion out of everything. I love playing different characters and trying new things with them. It's like getting to play dress up all the time...lol...Acting is the most fun.

Chris: Being a women director in a mostly male dominated field, do you feel you have an edge with telling your story from a different perspective? 

Cyndi: Well from what I have heard, they say some of the best filmmakers are women. I would say it all depends on the type of film you do...which I feel that is what really makes a person stand out from the crowd. Being as majority of filmmakers are male, I'm sure being a female director, people tend to pay more attention to the film she has done and critique it more than they would any others...just because.

Chris: Now you own your own productions company, can you tell me about that?

Cyndi: Yes I started my own production company called Traveling Brat Productions, LLC I started it mainly because of my 2 web shows that I'm going to be doing. Then of course my film came along that I wrote and so that will be produced under my company as well. It's still fairly new right now but will still just be a small company. Unless something major comes about it, it will mainly be used to produce my 2 web shows that I will start up in 2013.

Chris:  You were in a film "Brainjacked" that to me was very entertaining, care to share any cast stories?
Cyndi: LOL....Mainly mine are funny to me....lol...This was my first role that I had to play a drugged up mother being sexually used as a play thing by her husband and his friends, so to speak. It was very intense for me and I was really nervous at first. Once I got to know everyone and the actors I was in the scene with, I became more comfortable. Funny though how during the scene’s I blocked out what was really going on at those particular moments and the only words I heard was Action and Cut…LOL
This was a great film to be a part of and I'm glad I took the opportunity when I did.  Andy Lalino & Andrew Allen wrote and produced this film and Andrew was also the director. These two were such great guys to work with. They were very professional and easy going and I would be honored to work with them again on another one of their films. What an awesome duo they are. 

Chris: You've been recognized as a Woman In Horror from the Women In Horror community, does that make you proud?  

Cyndi: Yes, it does. I feel really good inside and I can say I am now really a part of something special. Being part of this organization and a team player with others who share a lot in the film community is a real honor to me. I am so looking forward to getting started more into this organization. I'm still new to the team but they have made me feel so much a part of things already.

Chris: What is your favorite horror convention to go to? 

Cyndi:  Well so far it would have to be Spooky Empire in Orlando, FL and Days of the Dead in Indianapolis, IN. Honestly these are the only 2 conventions I have had the pleasure of attending so far. Eventually I'll be getting out to more of the convention circuit once a couple of the films I'm in start hitting the festivals. It takes time for these things to happen but once it does, it will be crazy for sure...lol

Chris: Where do we see Cyndi 5 years from now?  

Cyndi: Still in the acting business but with more films in the festivals and you will see more of me traveling around the convention circuit. Plus there is also Viscera and Women In Horror Month organizations that I am involved with now and by that time, I should really be getting things going an working more in with these organizations. So there's lots to go in 5 years. It's all really just started this year for me so you got me at the right time for this question :-)

Chris: Do you have any plugs you'd like to make?

Cyndi: Always.....

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