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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Interview With Cyndi Crotts

You like Pin-ups? Horror movies and female directors? Goooooood, let's talk shop with Cyndi Crotts then.

Chris: Cyndi, First can you please tell us where your from?

Cyndi: Well I was born in SC but I grew up traveling around the US with my parents. from age 7 till about age 16 I was always going from state to state...my parents work was the reason we moved so very much. I'd say I have lived in over 13 states and at least traveled through about all of them...lol

Chris:  You seem to do a little bit of everything, directing, producing, acting, modeling- what do you get the most joy out of?  

Cyndi: I get the most joy from acting. That is my number one passion out of everything. I love playing different characters and trying new things with them. It's like getting to play dress up all the time...lol...Acting is the most fun.

Chris: Being a women director in a mostly male dominated field, do you feel you have an edge with telling your story from a different perspective? 

Cyndi: Well from what I have heard, they say some of the best filmmakers are women. I would say it all depends on the type of film you do...which I feel that is what really makes a person stand out from the crowd. Being as majority of filmmakers are male, I'm sure being a female director, people tend to pay more attention to the film she has done and critique it more than they would any others...just because.

Chris: Now you own your own productions company, can you tell me about that?

Cyndi: Yes I started my own production company called Traveling Brat Productions, LLC I started it mainly because of my 2 web shows that I'm going to be doing. Then of course my film came along that I wrote and so that will be produced under my company as well. It's still fairly new right now but will still just be a small company. Unless something major comes about it, it will mainly be used to produce my 2 web shows that I will start up in 2013.

Chris:  You were in a film "Brainjacked" that to me was very entertaining, care to share any cast stories?
Cyndi: LOL....Mainly mine are funny to me....lol...This was my first role that I had to play a drugged up mother being sexually used as a play thing by her husband and his friends, so to speak. It was very intense for me and I was really nervous at first. Once I got to know everyone and the actors I was in the scene with, I became more comfortable. Funny though how during the scene’s I blocked out what was really going on at those particular moments and the only words I heard was Action and Cut…LOL
This was a great film to be a part of and I'm glad I took the opportunity when I did.  Andy Lalino & Andrew Allen wrote and produced this film and Andrew was also the director. These two were such great guys to work with. They were very professional and easy going and I would be honored to work with them again on another one of their films. What an awesome duo they are. 

Chris: You've been recognized as a Woman In Horror from the Women In Horror community, does that make you proud?  

Cyndi: Yes, it does. I feel really good inside and I can say I am now really a part of something special. Being part of this organization and a team player with others who share a lot in the film community is a real honor to me. I am so looking forward to getting started more into this organization. I'm still new to the team but they have made me feel so much a part of things already.

Chris: What is your favorite horror convention to go to? 

Cyndi:  Well so far it would have to be Spooky Empire in Orlando, FL and Days of the Dead in Indianapolis, IN. Honestly these are the only 2 conventions I have had the pleasure of attending so far. Eventually I'll be getting out to more of the convention circuit once a couple of the films I'm in start hitting the festivals. It takes time for these things to happen but once it does, it will be crazy for sure...lol

Chris: Where do we see Cyndi 5 years from now?  

Cyndi: Still in the acting business but with more films in the festivals and you will see more of me traveling around the convention circuit. Plus there is also Viscera and Women In Horror Month organizations that I am involved with now and by that time, I should really be getting things going an working more in with these organizations. So there's lots to go in 5 years. It's all really just started this year for me so you got me at the right time for this question :-)

Chris: Do you have any plugs you'd like to make?

Cyndi: Always.....

I would like for everyone to go over and LIKE the facebook page for the new upcoming horror film that I am in "CREEPY CRAWLY". It will make it's world premiere at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival during the Spooky Empire Horror Convention held at The Hilton Orlando, in Orlando, FL. on October 27th 2012. This is a film by Jason Daly & Robert J. Massetti. Jason is the Writer & Director of the 6 time award winning film "Beware" you can check out the website for it here here http://www.bewarethemovie.com Robert is best known for his films Phobias, Realms of Blood and the Fear Girls video series. Here is his website, http://www.fearnet.com/home.htm

Here is the facebook fanpage for CREEPY CRAWLY - http://www.facebook.com/creepycrawlymovie

Also go check out the facebook fanpage for my film "Hells Little Angels" and LIKE the page when you visit. This is my very first film that I wrote and will be directing and acting in as well. My company Traveling Brat Productions will be producing the grindhouse horror feature film. We just finished up our teaser trailer for our film and we haver it posted up on our facebook fanpage as well.  We still have a little ways to go before we are fully funded but we are pushing to shoot sometime in early 2013. Here are some links for everyone to check out on the film.
Facebook fanpage fro HLA - http://www.facebook.com/HellsLittleAngels?ref=ts
Here is the teaser trailer for my film on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTYUtPWDGG8&feature=share

I'm also cast in a brand new comic book series that is coming out Sept 2012 called "The Vengeance of Sleepy Hollow" The issue #1 will also be available this month as well for people to purchase. I have a cameo appearance in this very first issue but you will see more of me in this series in future issue to come of this series. This comic is designed, written and produced by Bobby Ray Akers Jr of Dead of Night Entertainment & Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studio's.
Here is the facebook fanpage for the comic book http://www.facebook.com/SleepyHollow2012
Here is the link for those who would like to purchase the issue #1 Origins - http://indyplanet.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=7585

Then there is my blog site called CYNDILAND. Come be a fan and LIKE my blog to keep up to date with all my new and up coming projects. Also be sure to check out some of the  other indie projects that I post up as well of others that are in the business. I like to help other indie artist out as well by posting up their projects from time to time. Which you can catch all those on Friday - Sunday!!! So come be a fan and hit the LIKE button when you visit my blog. CYNDILAND.....GET ADDICTED!!! All Things Independent. "Helping to spread the word, one indie artist at a time" Here is the link to that - http://cyndicrotts.blogspot.com/

Sunday, August 26, 2012

News: Film Fest & script related

First off our script (Irenia Guajardo and Myself) is in consideration for ShriekFest Film Festival, we'll know next if we are accepted or not (that's how this process works, and it's granted a long one but can be a very rewarding one). Anyway next week is when hopefully i get to post we have positive news from the Film Fest.
    On the script writing front, i just completed my rough draft of "Hurtful Deeds" a short script that's a little sick bastard of a script.   That being said i can't wait to dig into it and edit it, but that'll be in a week or so as i give it time to "fester" (let the mistakes show themselves and bring new ideas to it).  In the meantime i have a short story i'm busy editing to hopefully have finished soon so all of you can read it.   I need to take a moment and thank Irenia Guajardo for helping through my dark days with this cancer i've been diagnosed with; without her pushing me back into the light of writing i don't know where i'd be right now- so thanks!      **stay tuned for news on my script, the short story and the Film Festival this week** 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My interview with Rue-Morgue Writer/contributor (John Bowen)

 Let's chat with the king of cheese cinema shall we :)    Mr. John Bowen.  

Chris:John, Please tell my readers where you are from?

John: I was born in Dallas but raised in Kingston, Ontario, a mid-sized town about halfway between Toronto and Montreal. I moved to Toronto in 1990 but for the past few years I've been dividing my time between there and Kingston.

Chris: Who inspired you to become a writer?

John: I can't think of any specific writer who set me on this course, even though there are plenty I like. If I were to credit anyone, it would probably be several psychologists and therapists who helped me through a learning disability I had as a kid. Without them, I probably wouldn't be doing this at all.

Chris: How did you get the job at the prestigious Rue Morgue Magazine?

John: The mag had been in existence for about a year and a half when I first picked up a copy and noticed it was based in Toronto. I basically just cold-called Rodrigo Gudino, who was running it with just a few other people back then. He asked me to send in a sample review, so I did one on Phantasm: OblIVion which was still relatively new at the time. He liked it and I went to meet with him and we hit it off immediately. Among other things, we discovered that my favourite AC/DC song - What's Next to the Moon - was also his, so maybe that's what clinched it. Anyway, that was spring of 1999 and I've been in every issue since.

Chris: You took over the column Chris Alexander used to do, how did it feel filling his shoes?

John: That all happened so suddenly that I really didn't have time to think about it in those terms until after it was underway. He was certainly very popular with readers, but the initial response to my column was generally positive, so I wouldn't say I was intimidated by the prospect. What really amazed me was the number of people who thought it was the result of a serious rivalry between us, because of all the swipes we used to take at each other in print. The truth is, we did that strictly for fun and the editors urged us not only to keep it up but actually get steadily more vicious, which is why it went from arguments over Jess Franco to speculations about penis size. Truth is, we were friends and also fans of each other's work. Still are, I guess, although I haven't seen him in ages.

Chris: You aim to review not only obscure films but sometimes out right terrible ones, is cheese cinema in your blood?

John: Horror cinema in general is in my blood, which is why I love indisputable classics like The Exorcist, slightly flawed gems like Phantasm, well-executed trash like Humanoids From the Deep and really entertainingly bad stuff like Invasion of the Blood Farmers. Of course, it's generally that last category that winds up in my column a lot of the time, because so many cheesy anti-classics are still largely undiscovered. But mainly I'm just interested in covering things I think are overlooked, no matter what the reason is.

Chris:What was the worst film your eyes ever barred witness to?

John: I guess that's down to what you mean by "worst." There's a slasher film called Axe 'Em that Last Chance Lance reviewed in his column a few years ago which manages to fall into the netherworld between entertainingly bad and downright unwatchable because it's so fucking incompetent. The Swarm is still probably the most entertainingly awful big-budget film I've ever seen - definitely one of a kind.

Chris:On your Facebook profile it states you're a musician care to elaborate A little?

John: I've been playing guitar in bands quite a bit longer than I've been writing, which is why I'm so stinkin' rich. For the last 19 years I've been with the Pariahs, Toronto's loudest, dumbest band. Three full-length albums and an EP. We mainly just play locally and occasionally elsewhere in southern Ontario, although we've also toured the UK a couple of times. Over the years we've gigged with the Ramones, the Deftones (a few years before anyone heard of them), Therapy?, the Headstones, the Guess Who and loads more.

Chris:What are your thoughts on the current 3D craze?

John: It has it's place but only when done properly. It's already on its way out, and I'll be glad when it's over.

Chris: Does John Bowen survive the zombie Apocalypse?

John: HAH! Only if I have the good fortune to pass out in a safe place. Otherwise I probably wouldn't even wake up until I was half eaten.

Chris: Do you have any plugs you'd like to make?

John: Independent video stores everywhere - God bless 'em.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My interview with the creative minds behind: Forbidden Pictures

Let's talk some Chainsaw Sally with the creative minds behind the hit horror tv series.  April Monique Burril and Jimmy O Burril. 
Chris: Jimmy & April, first can you please tell my readership where you're from?

J:  I am from Mississippi, but have lived most of my adult life right outside of Baltimore Maryland…
 home of John Waters,  The Wire…and Oprah!

A:  Born in Vermont (because the New Hampshire town my folks lived in didn't have a hospital - small place! and right on the Connecticut River), spent most of my life here in Maryland.

Chris: Who came up with the concept for the Chainsaw Sally Character?

J:  That was a joint effort on behalf of both April and I.  We were looking to make a horror hostess sort of character, and wound up with  a whole lot more.  I came up with the name… which is a homage to Texas Chainsaw's Sally Hardesty, and April created the look and style.

Chris:  It started all started out  way back in 2004 with a  a feature film with the saw title as the show "Chainsaw Sally", did you ever think you'd have a hit show on your hands?

J: Well it actually started in 1999 when we invented Sally to promote one of my live shows called Silver Scream.  We then made her a a web site, which popped up around 2000.  The film was not her birth.. but more her after birth.  :)

A: After birth, nice, honey.  Yes, once we got the character going and saw (with much surprise) that she was fast gaining an audience, we spent quite a few years unsure exactly what to do with her.  Then we left live stage for film with the advent of the movie version of Silver Scream and after enjoying that adventure, wanted to stay in film for awhile.  A Chainsaw Sally movie was just the next natural step.  We are surprised and very pleased at the continued happy responses we get.

Chris:  You've had quest appearances by some of the indie horror worlds most famous women, such as Debbie Rochon and Monique Dupree, does that give you a feeling of pride?

J:  Pride may not be the best word.  They are our friends… and what better way to spend your time than putting your shoulder behind an idea with the help and company of your friends.

A: It's of course an honor to share scream time with some of the stars of indie horror, but I agree with Jimmy - the true reward is just making new friends and having a great time sharing our art with them.

Chris: Last season was subtitled "season of the bitch" and saw Sally in a more darker area than the first season, do you plan on continuing with that in season three?

J:  For Sally to stay interesting, she will have to go darker… get closer to her own edge… find herself breaking her own rules…. and letting her mind slip off into darkness.  Each season, a little less raveled.

A:  and I'll just say,  I'm really looking forward to sliding even farther off my proverbial rocker!

Chris: Now for fans that don't know you played "Angel Eyes" the arch enemy to Sally last season how did it feel to play a serial killer hellbent on getting made famous by his deeds?

J:  I loved it.  I was an actor way before I thought I deserved to direct.  I was happy to get in front of the camera with the support of my team.  Shawn Jones took over while I was Angel Eyes, except for one scene, which was directed by Debbie Rochon.   I hope to do a lot more acting in other peoples projects.  I was just a character for Mike Pines Zombie Girl Diary.

Chris: It was just recently announced that Chris Alexander of Fangoria  Magazine fame is helping you out, how does that effect your budget?

J:  We are fortunate enough to have the editor of the biggest horror publication on the planet love what we do.  He and Fangoria have come on as media supporter for Silver Scream LIVE this November.  The power that gives us is press… great press on a very well trafficked web site.  There is nothing more valuable to any production than press.  Chris is amazing!

Chris: You've also directed The Good Sisters on top of directing all of the Chainsaw Sally episodes, what format gives you the most pleasure?

J:  I love both.  I would not want to pick one of the other… but if I MUST…. I like the episodic format better.

Chris:  Where do we see Forbidden Pictures in 5 years?

J:  In my perfect world I see us with a network deal for the Sally Show… maybe IFC, or AMC… or even better, Showtime or HBO… someone who can handle the material.  And, in our off season shooting a movie or 2.  That's my hearts desire.

Chris: Do You have any plugs you'd like to make?

J:Sure, find all of our DVDs and other Sally merch at www.chainsawsallyshow.com  Also hook up with us on FB and Twitter… we're allover the place.  Just type in JimmyO Burril, April Monique Burril or Chainsaw Sally and you will find us.

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Interview With Writer Jason Hughes.

Let's talk music, Gore, and Books with my friend Jason Hughes.  ** Jason i'd just like to say my condolences to you, and to remind you that your friend is in a better place and you can always shoot me a text- sorry for your loss**

Chris: Jason, first please tell us where you're from?
Jason: I grew up in Texas. I've lived there most of my life there. I went to college at the Tom Savini Special Effects Program in Pennsylvania, where I graduated in 2004.
Chris: You started out as a drummer in local death metal bands, how did you transition to becoming a writer?

Jason: I've always been into writing, since as long as I can remember. I've been into Horror literally since I was born. I started writing short stories based on films in around the fourth grade. When I was in Jr. High, I had written a short story called Nightcrawlers, about some grave robbing kids in Florida. My Teacher liked it and wanted to publish it in the local paper, but wanted me to censor it. I refused and it went unpublished. I revised it today as a comic book series for adults.
I was first published in 1995, and played drums then as well. Music, Horror and Special Effects have been a passion for as long as I can remember. With this being said, (mostly dark toned) Metal, Horror movies and True Crime/ Horror novels are all active influences on my writing.

Chris: For any interested fans out there, can they find any recordings of you playing the drums or for those bands?
Jason: Haha, possibly. They are rare, but they are out there. I was in three bands in the nineties and early 2000's. The first was called Unborn Death. Unborn Death does not have any recordings available. The second band was called Necrofetus. We had one cheaply recorded demo made, but I doubt anyone can find it. Stripped of Skin was a regurgitated birth of Necrofetus. We have three demos out if one is lucky enough to find them, ha. Two are on cassette and one is one CD.
Necrofetus had a pretty big following and was the premiere Death Metal band in the town where I'm from. Stripped of Skin had an immediate following because of Necrofetus' reputation. Necrofetus played local shows, while Stripped of Skin went on to open for national acts such as Goatwhore, Skinless, Cephalic Carnage, Prophecy, TON and Disgorge among others.
Chris: Now you're a very strong supporting of the West Memphis 3, what are your thoughts on their overturned cases?
Jason: Yes. I have supported The West Memphis Three since 1996, when Paradise Lost aired on HBO. I also add the case to my stories to get the word out, and add a sense of realism with current events to my works of Fiction. I have been very active in getting the word out through media and printing the official t-shirts for Rock For Freedom Weekend 2008, and donation shirts for the defense fund.
Technically, their cases have not been overturned. They were released under a deal called The Alford Plea. This fucked-up deal with the State of Arkansas granted them the ability to walk free with time served, while pleading that they are innocent of the crime, but with the knowledge that the state sees them as guilty. They are not able to sue the state under this bargain. Jason [Baldwin] did not want to take the deal at first, but did it to save Damien's life.
I am glad that they are free, but they need to be exonerated as well. They did not commit the murders in which they have been accused of, and the guilty is still walking free. I encourage everyone to watch the documentary series, Paradise Lost (I: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills, II:Revelations (even though it is a slight detour in the case, due to the new findings) and III: Purgatory. There are several books on the case available as well with more on the way (Devil's Knot by Mara Leveritt, being the most informative), with another documentary called West of Memphis and two Hollywood produced films that are in production (one which is based on the above mentioned novel, Devil's Knot). EXONERATE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE
For more info on the case, go to www.wm3.org
Chris: You are also a big supporter of controversial director Nick Palumbo and his seminal film Murder-Set-Pieces, do you feel that gore like that is acceptable by today's standards?
Jason: Ha, who cares if it's acceptable? It is to the fans, and that's who most Writers and Directors work for in the long run. As with Musicians, without fans, they would not have a job. I think Nick pushes the boundaries beyond most other filmmakers out there today. Personally, I don't think it's the gore of M-S-P that gets to people. There are many aspects of the film to shock one's senses. Gore is the least on the list, and only a fair amount is used in the film.
Chris: What is you favorite horror film of all time?
Jason: I have a few for different reasons; The Amityville Horror (1979) is one, because along with The Town That Dreaded Sundown, it made me the Horror fan/ Writer I am today. The original Last House on the Left, (the original) I Spit on Your Grave, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Exorcist have been favorites of mine growing up (each have their own catagory)... and today, Murder-Set-Pieces (the banned in the U.S. and beyond, uncut version, of course) is my current favorite. Each play their own little influential mile stone of their time.
Chris: Now you have an array of books and short stories out, if one were to start reading Jason Hughes what one do you suggest?

Jason: My novel, WITHOUT NOTICE, is available now at Barnes&Noble and Amazon.com. It is aimed at an adult audience. I also have a bestselling short story called Someone Still Lives Here. Unlike the novel, this short story is suitable for the entire family. I can't tell everyone what to start with, but they may choose from most of my released material at my Amazon store here:

Chris: You have a new novel coming out, care to shed some light on it?

Jason: I'll spread some darkness about it, ha... It's called THE 13th TOLL of TWELVE DARK CHIMES. It will be released in two parts by Trestle Press. Part II is called Terminal Intrusion. It is a violent Paranormal story with elements of family Drama, voyeurism and True Crime.

Chris: You true story behind the AmityVille Murders screenplay was optioned, whatever came of that?

Jason: Yes, it's called 112 OCEAN AVENUE. It was optioned in 2007 by a hack company called Riwayat Films, and their hack owner, named Brian Coposky. It has had interest by a lot of other companies as well since then. Right now, it is in the hands of a major studio that is working on two other True Crime films by my second favorite Author (first favorite True Crime Writer). I will let the public know when I find out more from the company, but I am very excited about its current occupant.
Chris: Do you have any plugs you'd like to make?

I also have several new short stories that will be out in different anthologies and some other films that are in pre-production. I am writing a collaborative novel with Simon Critchell called 21:24. Look for that next year sometime. Visit my Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/JasonHugheshorrorauthor or my Amazon link above for more info.
"The story is worth the read, trust me."
-Stephen W. Roberts, Author, Editor/ The Dark Fiction Spotlight

"WITHOUT NOTICE is a truly great read and a book that you won't want to put down!"
-House of Horror Magazine

"Jason Hughes [WITHOUT NOTICE] took me for a whirlwind of shock, horror and mystery. I often wondered what would happen next to Amanda and actually started to feel sorry for the woman....
Don't be distracted when reading this book or you will miss what good writing is."
-Terry Morgan, Sonar 4 Landing Dock Reviews

"WITHOUT NOTICE takes the reader on a journey of intrigue and eclectic terror. Jason Hughes stitches together a bloody flesh mask of horror as we follow the life of forlorn lover Amanda. After Amanda realizes her fiance has been unfaithful she moves into Graystone Castle Apartments where she meets a handful of interestingly devious characters. While Amanda circles the alcohol, drug induced; proverbial drain, tenants are being killed off. One by one they are picked off in horrific ways. The tenants grow leery of each other, suspicious of the person down the hall. The intensity builds to an exciting conclusion that leaves the reader gasping for air.

Hughes pros are almost poetic in style, reminiscent of some of the great's with a modern twist. His descriptions of terror are vivid as if you were watching them on the big screen. He makes you feel uncomfortable in that you are sucked into the emotions of his protagonists very being. You feel for her, but want to reach into the book and slap her at the same time.

Overall, this book is a great read for adults. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone under the age of 18 as there are some gratuitous sex scenes and graphic violence. But for those of us that thrive on these things, I think you will get a gut wrenching kick out of WITHOUT NOTICE."

-Nate D. Burleigh, Author of Sustenance
"WITHOUT NOTICE" by Jason Hughes is by FAR the best book I have read this year. The action and suspense continue to build with each page, and just when you least expect it, something ELSE happens~! He had me at the first three words of the book. I can't wait to read more of Jason's work. I have found a new HORROR author that I am in love with~!!
“… The story really caught my attention from the beginning and held it through to the end. That's why I am giving this five stars, because it is a great tale and suspenseful with a poetic grit to it. Had me from the beginning until the absolutely horrific surprise ending. Great job for this author and I expect we shall see more from him in the future."
*****5 STARS*****
“Jason Hughes hits a line drive right into your heart with this creepy tale. His pros accurately reflect the love of parents for their Autistic child as the story unfolds into a chilling tale of angst whilst the parents frantically try and figure out what else could be wrong with their son. The conclusion doesn't jump out at you, more than confirm your suspicions. I recommend this tale to anyone who wants a good wholesome chiller for the entire family to enjoy.”

-Nate D. Burleigh
Author of Sustenance
*****5 STARS*****
"I just finished reading Someone Still Lives Here this morning. I definitely recommend this book for all ages. I plan on reading the story again with my nephew. Jason Hughes did an awesome job with this spooky and creepy but yet heartwarming story. Billy is a little autistic child whose parents feel like he is slipping farther away from them,but what is causing such a tremendous change in Billy? I encourage you to read the story to find out. I will definitely be checking out more of Jason Hughes' work."

Friday, July 6, 2012

My Interview With Shriekfest Founder: Denise Gossett

My interview with horror's leading lady: Denise Gossett. 

Chris: Denise, please tell my readers where your from? 

Denise: Originally born in North Carolina, then Wisconsin, then Illinois, then Florida, then CA.

Chris: You're the creator of shriekfest horror & sci-fi film festival, what sense of accomplishment does that give you? 

Denise: I think it's a bigger deal than I know...to me it's just a little festival that I run...hee hee, sometimes it's hard to comprehend that we get submissions from every country out there!  And it amazes me when I travel how many people know the festival.

Chris: Can you tell us on average how many entries you get and how the selection process works? 

Denise: Well, we stopped counting years ago, but my guess would be 300 plus per major category. Every year I have around 40 judges who help narrow it down and then I have finalist judges who help pick the finalists and the winners.  We have voter sheets that break every category down...it's a pretty lengthy process.  I take a peek at everything to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Chris: Your first film was a indie horror movie, but you're last film was a major Hollywood production starring Mel Gibson, can you tell us the difference between shooting an indie film compared to a major Hollywood production? 

Denise: Well, obviously the budget, which changes how you are treated, how many takes you can have, your dressing rooms, your pay, the food you eat, the places you stay, wardrobe, makeup, etc.  Other than that, making a movie is basically the same...the bigger budgets just have more toys, more crew, better production value in general. 

Chris: Speaking of Get The Gringo, how was it to work with Mel Gibson? 

Denise:Amazing, he is an extremely talented person.  Very giving as an actor, always coming up with ways to make the scenes bigger/longer.  I really thought it was great how he made everyone very comfortable.  The same can be said for Bob Gunton, Peter Stormare, and Scott Cohen too...all top notch professionals.  I had a wonderful time working with all of these fine actors!

Chris: What are your thoughts on the current horror climate in Hollywood? 

Denise: Well, there are way too many remakes and way too many of the same kinds of movies coming out.  It's really sad...I feel like I see better films coming into Shriekfest than the studios are releasing.  The studios should really just stop making them and hunt down some of these glorious indie films and release them!  There is so much undiscovered talent out there!

Chris: Who would star as you in a movie about your life?

Denise:  hmmm....good question.  Perhaps my daughter if she is in to acting when she's older.  :)  I pray she doesn't catch that bug.

Chris: What are your thoughts on the revival of 3D in movies? 

Denise: I think it can be great, but I also feel like it is a fad, the current hot thing, but will fade out soon.  It has in the past.   The past always repeats itself.

Chris: Where do we see Denise Gossett in 5 years? 

Denise: Aw, if only I had a crystal ball.  But seriously,
 I will be starring in studio movies and tv shows and loving every minute of it.  I really am alive when I am on a set.    I will work when I want to work and travel and enjoy my family the rest of the time.   If Shriekfest is still going I won't be the one running it, possibly overlooking it, but it's a lot of work and I will soon want to retire from that aspect.  I hope it will be huge and I will have found the perfect person/people to carry forth what I have accomplished with it thus far. 

Chris: Do you have any plugs you'd like to make? 

Denise: Always....:)  thanks.  Shriekfest is Oct 4-7 this year...come on down, I'd love to meet you!  Of course, my Mel Gibson movie "Get the Gringo" will be out on DVD/Blu Ray July 17th, so, check that out please.  I will be starring in The Cellar Door 2 in the near future and am currently taking meetings for other future projects. 

Find me on facebook,, twitter, I love to stay in touch and meet new people.  www.denisegossett.com  and www.shriekfest.com
Thank you so much Chris, this was wonderful chatting with you!

Friday, June 29, 2012

My Interview With Fangoria (Editor In Chief) Chris Alexander

 Chris Alexander,  Please tell my readers where you are from?

Chris Alexander: I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. And with the help of technology, I edit FANGORIA - as well as dabble in other media - from my office just outside the city limits.... 

Chris: Chris A., Who inspired you to become a writer? 

Chris Alexander: A desire to communicate. To me, music, film, writing...it's all the same, it's all music...it's all rhythm. It's all creating a world that invites, entertains, provokes. I always knew I could write since I was a little boy. And when I started getting rewarded for my work - gold star from teacher - that was it. By reading, by watching other people read, actor's act, listening, observing and grafting onto writer's I liked, I found a style that imitates my speech patterns. That style owes as much to beat poetry as it does the late Chas. Balun. That's important - find your style, don't repeat words, learn NEW words, always expand your vocabulary, always try to get BETTER.... 

Chris: You've worked for the two biggest names in horror publication, how do they differ in content and marketing styles?  

 Chris Alexander: RUE MORGUE gave me my first taste of having a following for my thoughts and writing. The company itself was on the upswing, growing rapidly and knocking down its competition when I was there. It felt like you were part of something but by the same token, it was like a club. FANGO is old blood and by the time I got there, it was in need of a fresh coat of paint, which I have tried to do by making the horror mag that I'd like to read. Comparing the two from my point of view...there is none. At RM I was just a writer. At FANGO I have creative control....obviously the latter wins for me!

Chris: As an avid reader of your former column in Rue Morgue, are there plans of ever bringing it back to a larger audience in Fangoria?  

Chris Alexander: I like to think that the little column in RM - Schizoid Cinephile - has been expanded to the point that its all over FANGORIA....every page of the mag is personal to me and that was the point of the column, to defend and get people excited about cinema that meant something to me, to others. To find interesting angles in common stories, always defy expectations.  Plus, I write SO much of the mag now....it feels like a refined version of that column, which i cannot ever read today because it feels so sloppy and immature!

Chris: You composed the Music for Rodrigo  GudiƱo's series of short films would you like to talk about that experience? 

Chris Alexander: Negative. Rod bought one of my pieces 'ORGAN GRINDER' for his short film THE DEMONOLOGY OF DESIRE. I liked the film and I thought my track worked well. 

Chris: You also have an album coming out through an independent music company correct?  

Chris Alexander: Already out from 2M1 records...it's called MUSIC FOR MURDER and it's a collection of some of my favorite pieces of music that I've been quietly making over the last decade.  

Chris:  What through your mind when Tony Timpone gave you the reigns at Fangoria? 

Chris Alexander: The reigns were handed over to me from publisher Tom DeFeo and then VP Scott Licina but it was with Tony's blessing. Tony is a hero to horror, a guy who kept a mag chugging along against the odds for years. A legend. I still defer to Tony in many cases. He's a total pro. What went through my mind was HOLEEEEEE FUCKING SHIIIIIIIIT! No really. I mean, I still don't believe that this is my job....it still hasn't quite hit me. FANGORIA is mythical and yet here I sit, making it, every month. Working with Mike Gingold, Bill Mohalley...legends of horror print media. Surreal. 

Chris:  You've revamped Fangoria's look, and over all feel, was it important to make your mark immediately?  

Chris Alexander: Yes. Again, I wanted to make a fun, exciting somewhat experimental horror and cult film magazine that honored its history and classic feel while forging ahead into a more unpredictable terrain. I like taking chances... and that doesn't mean making it GORIER and more EXPLICIT...it means challenging people's conceptions as to what a horror film is and can be.

Chris:   Where do we see Chris Alexander in 5 years? 

Chris Alexander: Who knows? My kids and family are everything to me, the mag is everything to me,  music is my spine...and now I'm dabbling in filmmaking so I hope to be a better, stronger, smarter version of what I am now. I still don't feel like I've peaked and at the age of 37, that's a good way to feel!

Chris: What are your thoughts on the current state of horror in Hollywood? 

Chris Alexander: Same as it ever was! With horror, you always need distance....once you remove the politics, the trends and the commercial cynicsm we can view Hollywood horror with clearer eyes and appreciate it more. Movie have ALWAYS been about making money, always about getting bums in seats, eyes on screens, popcorn in guts. I always say give ANY horror movie 10 years and it looks better than it did when it was released.  If you're asking about how I feel about remakes, I don't care. I love what I love. Plus most classic films were riding commerical tides from popular films, remakes or ripoffs or homages. I mean look closely and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is a rip off of DELIVERANCE. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is a direct rip off of Matheson's I AM LEGEND and the first adaptation, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH! So none of it bothers me....in fact, I just watched the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake again in cable last week and didn't hate it nearly as much as I did theatrically....so time, distance, and circumstance - I think horror works BEST at home, alone, late at night - are key to loving and embracing all horror.

Chris: Do you have any plugs you'd like to make? 

Chris Alexander: Hmmmmm....yes! The only thing I love more than horror is the band KISS. I'm happy to say I am the editor and Fango is the publisher of the new KISS: MONSTER magazine, a real labor of love that is out now and can be ordered via www.fangoria.com. Buy it!