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Sunday, August 26, 2012

News: Film Fest & script related

First off our script (Irenia Guajardo and Myself) is in consideration for ShriekFest Film Festival, we'll know next if we are accepted or not (that's how this process works, and it's granted a long one but can be a very rewarding one). Anyway next week is when hopefully i get to post we have positive news from the Film Fest.
    On the script writing front, i just completed my rough draft of "Hurtful Deeds" a short script that's a little sick bastard of a script.   That being said i can't wait to dig into it and edit it, but that'll be in a week or so as i give it time to "fester" (let the mistakes show themselves and bring new ideas to it).  In the meantime i have a short story i'm busy editing to hopefully have finished soon so all of you can read it.   I need to take a moment and thank Irenia Guajardo for helping through my dark days with this cancer i've been diagnosed with; without her pushing me back into the light of writing i don't know where i'd be right now- so thanks!      **stay tuned for news on my script, the short story and the Film Festival this week** 

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