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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My interview with the creative minds behind: Forbidden Pictures

Let's talk some Chainsaw Sally with the creative minds behind the hit horror tv series.  April Monique Burril and Jimmy O Burril. 
Chris: Jimmy & April, first can you please tell my readership where you're from?

J:  I am from Mississippi, but have lived most of my adult life right outside of Baltimore Maryland…
 home of John Waters,  The Wire…and Oprah!

A:  Born in Vermont (because the New Hampshire town my folks lived in didn't have a hospital - small place! and right on the Connecticut River), spent most of my life here in Maryland.

Chris: Who came up with the concept for the Chainsaw Sally Character?

J:  That was a joint effort on behalf of both April and I.  We were looking to make a horror hostess sort of character, and wound up with  a whole lot more.  I came up with the name… which is a homage to Texas Chainsaw's Sally Hardesty, and April created the look and style.

Chris:  It started all started out  way back in 2004 with a  a feature film with the saw title as the show "Chainsaw Sally", did you ever think you'd have a hit show on your hands?

J: Well it actually started in 1999 when we invented Sally to promote one of my live shows called Silver Scream.  We then made her a a web site, which popped up around 2000.  The film was not her birth.. but more her after birth.  :)

A: After birth, nice, honey.  Yes, once we got the character going and saw (with much surprise) that she was fast gaining an audience, we spent quite a few years unsure exactly what to do with her.  Then we left live stage for film with the advent of the movie version of Silver Scream and after enjoying that adventure, wanted to stay in film for awhile.  A Chainsaw Sally movie was just the next natural step.  We are surprised and very pleased at the continued happy responses we get.

Chris:  You've had quest appearances by some of the indie horror worlds most famous women, such as Debbie Rochon and Monique Dupree, does that give you a feeling of pride?

J:  Pride may not be the best word.  They are our friends… and what better way to spend your time than putting your shoulder behind an idea with the help and company of your friends.

A: It's of course an honor to share scream time with some of the stars of indie horror, but I agree with Jimmy - the true reward is just making new friends and having a great time sharing our art with them.

Chris: Last season was subtitled "season of the bitch" and saw Sally in a more darker area than the first season, do you plan on continuing with that in season three?

J:  For Sally to stay interesting, she will have to go darker… get closer to her own edge… find herself breaking her own rules…. and letting her mind slip off into darkness.  Each season, a little less raveled.

A:  and I'll just say,  I'm really looking forward to sliding even farther off my proverbial rocker!

Chris: Now for fans that don't know you played "Angel Eyes" the arch enemy to Sally last season how did it feel to play a serial killer hellbent on getting made famous by his deeds?

J:  I loved it.  I was an actor way before I thought I deserved to direct.  I was happy to get in front of the camera with the support of my team.  Shawn Jones took over while I was Angel Eyes, except for one scene, which was directed by Debbie Rochon.   I hope to do a lot more acting in other peoples projects.  I was just a character for Mike Pines Zombie Girl Diary.

Chris: It was just recently announced that Chris Alexander of Fangoria  Magazine fame is helping you out, how does that effect your budget?

J:  We are fortunate enough to have the editor of the biggest horror publication on the planet love what we do.  He and Fangoria have come on as media supporter for Silver Scream LIVE this November.  The power that gives us is press… great press on a very well trafficked web site.  There is nothing more valuable to any production than press.  Chris is amazing!

Chris: You've also directed The Good Sisters on top of directing all of the Chainsaw Sally episodes, what format gives you the most pleasure?

J:  I love both.  I would not want to pick one of the other… but if I MUST…. I like the episodic format better.

Chris:  Where do we see Forbidden Pictures in 5 years?

J:  In my perfect world I see us with a network deal for the Sally Show… maybe IFC, or AMC… or even better, Showtime or HBO… someone who can handle the material.  And, in our off season shooting a movie or 2.  That's my hearts desire.

Chris: Do You have any plugs you'd like to make?

J:Sure, find all of our DVDs and other Sally merch at www.chainsawsallyshow.com  Also hook up with us on FB and Twitter… we're allover the place.  Just type in JimmyO Burril, April Monique Burril or Chainsaw Sally and you will find us.

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