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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Its good to be back.

I know you probably thought I was dead, or perhaps went looking for the missing link, but unfortunately its not a great tale of grandeur, but rather a tale of reflection.
  As many of you know, I have kept a pretty good portion of my personal life public for the simple fact that I don't live a every day normal life like most of you. I obviously don't know you, and can't pass judgment, but please bear with me and I'll explain. I take care of my family.  That simple and quite boring sentence doesn't show anything out of the ordinary, until you dig deeper.
     Two of my siblings are physically and mentally handicapped, I also have a third sibling who is not able to work due to a botched  spinal operation, I have a mother who is not only suffering from a very rare and deadly degenerative brain disease, but she's wasting away physicallyand mentally right in front of us, and I also have a father who is bipolar. 
     Now, most people who have a family such as mine would have a great deal of help, but not so much in my case, and I'm not going into why.  Anyway, I really love my family, but I also love to write. So, it's a lot of catch 22 when it comes to my work and the family. I can't not take care of my family and I sure as hell want to be able to write and become a successful screenwriter, so what's one to do.  Hence why I took a lot of time off from blogging, writing in general and focused on getting my my family healthy.
  I can safely say that we are in a good place at the moment, and I don't have any excuses for why I shouldn't be writing.  I want to thank any and all of you who read this.  

Friday, September 19, 2014


   Dustin LaValley is the author of several books within dark fiction, and writer of several films, short and feature. Though his work may fall into dark fiction, many are at home in action, erotica, thriller, and cross-genre. His collection of micro-short stories, Odds and Ends: An Assortment of Sorts is now free on Amazon, where it spent 13 months in the Top 100. His latest novel, Swallowed: A Hypersexual Romance, is available from Blushing Books and has been called "Down n’ dirty heavy metal erotica." by Decibel Magazine. More recently, Kirkus Reviews called his work a "Gritty gem." His latest film, Human Wreckage, a post-apocalyptic survival tale is currently making the rounds of the film festival circuit. Two others, a short, dark drama and a feature thriller are in pre-production at this moment. He and his work have been featured in/on PBS, Yahoo News, 3AM Magazine, Rue Morgue, Fangoria, NPR, Dallas Morning News, Corsicana Daily Sun, Decibel Magazine, Horror News and Dread Central among other outlets.
        Dustin is currently on bed-rest due to a severe and life-threatening intestinal disease, Crohn's Disease. His latest upper and lower GI series showed Crohn's has taken over his GI tract, from throat to J-Pouch. (He had his colon and rectum removed in 2005 due to Ulcerative Colitis and pre-cancer, his "fake" rectum is made of small intestine, called a J-Pouch, for its shape.) After losing part of his health care last year, his medical bills are piling up, and he's found himself in collections. 
       With ER visits twice monthly, doctor's visits (General Practitioner, Gastro-Intestinal), and several tests and medications, he's been unable to keep up with both monthly bills (phone, car, rent, etc.) and medical. This has also limited his treatment options. Having to forgo tests, medications, and treatments that aren't covered and not within financial reach. Such as a radiation-free MRI and a pill-camera ($1,200 plus the $100 salt tablet pre-test). With a bill of over $500 from his GP alone for the month of August, and several thousand for his GI, he and his family have reached out to friends, readers, and strangers for donations to see that he gets the proper treatment, that his disease does not spread further than it already has and that his health does not decline further.
       Being on a 24/7 hemorrhage watch, he must be monitored at all times, checked up on during sleep, and visit the ER if any stool is dark black, which indicates blood. (The lighter the stool, the less blood.) Per request of his GI doctor, he was recently denied a hospital stay to be fed though an IV, a two-week treatment to help the GI tract mend. As the treatments and tests further, so do the bill(s). He and his family are reaching out to anyone who can donate to his fundraiser, to help with paying off medical bills and other direct issues associated with his health. Please visit: http://www.gofundme.com/dustinsibd to read me and to donate. Any amount, small or large, is appreciated, as is sharing the link.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


     I never bare my soul truly on these blog posts, so with that I'll open my window to my demented  mind and tortured soul.  A little over 2 weeks ago i was at my wits end, i had given up hope. I didn't care if i lived or died, and frankly death was looking better and better. I started to drink heavily again (which one should not do when on prescription medication- that's a big NO SHIT!!). Well as in descended into my pit of hell i cut ties off with my family and friends, i stopped writing (my first and honestly only true love). I found myself one night drunk as fuck eye-balling a bottle of pain killers for a chronic issue i have and i found myself saying "fuck it,why not, nobody is going to care your gone".
  The strangest thing happened tho', i never did take those pills, instead i passed out from pure exhaustion, i'd been up over 36 hours straight, give or take a hour. When i came too the next morning i knew that i had a serious issue at hand and i needed to do something about it before i did decide to end it all. So with the help of my family, some great and dear friends and my therapist i entered a mental facility on my own free will to get my shit in order. I'll tell you two things right off the bat, first i'm NOT fucking nuts (trust me i got to see crazy up close and personal and its fucking depressing as hell) and second, i was overwhelmed, stressed to the core of my being and that caused my anxiety to go through the roof, not to mention the depression. I learned a lot those four days i was in there. 
   I'd like to say that the first was a no brainer, but when i was literally running 24-7, i never was able to take a look at myself and my own health, that's now changed. I also got my REAL personality back while i was there, i'm not the nicest person in the world and i'm no longer going to pretend to be. I had tried in vain for years to help and please everyone over my wants,needs and health-not anymore. When i got out i had friends fall dead like flies that used to be there for me, but that's a life lesson that we all have to learn the hard way; who is our friend(s) and are they going to be there for us when the chips are down.
  I've gotten back to writing, i have a short story finished which is going to be passed to a select few to read and help me with, i also have a second short story that just keeps growing in size so it'll be done when the story itself is done.  I also have other projects going at this moment, but for now i'll keep a lid on them.  
   I'm only sharing my story, my life story of the last few weeks so you the reader who has similar thoughts and feelings, you're not alone, but and i stress this: NEVER TRY TO KILL YOURSELF. You do have people that care for you even if you think its bullshit, its not, and if you can't talk to anyone just leave me a message on this post and i'll contact you asap.  NEVER GIVE UP...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Goonies never say Goodbye!

  I've had a great many of friends over the years, some of them good, some bad and some dumber than shit.  But, I've never had a great friend, one that I could count on when I was down in the dumps, one that would clean the shit stains off my shirt and get me back to writing again.
    I found this person in Irenia Guajardo.  She was, and sadly, I have to stress was my best fucking friend and co-writer of my first ever script. Holy shit was that a undertaking for her to take on a newbie like me, but she gladly did it and I'll always be grateful for that.  I've learned a hell of a lot over these nearly 5 years since we've been friends. I've come to know her more than just a writer, but as a friend, a mom to her little girl and a wicked hard worker. 
    I'm not going to blow smoke up anyone's ass, I was the that said we shouldn't be friends, am I heartbroken?  You better believe it. I don't know a better person in my life and a more talented writer.  What ever happens to her, i just truly wish her the best of luck in the future. I just hope that our paths cross some day again.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Birth Of A Horror fiend.

  As a writer (or for that matter, anyone affiliated with the world of horror) they will at some point no doubt get asked "when did you become a horror fan, what book, film, tv show, event spawned that creature in the night".    I'm writing this to tell you my story.   I remember being a young kid in Waltham, Massachusetts (if you've ever been there, you'll know it's a place between shithole and hell), but what they did have going for it besides the ample gangs was a huge public library. I ate up every title i could find of the Goosebump Series by R.L. Stine, but i needed more, i wanted more, so i politely asked the  librarian whom i should set my peepers on next. She smiled and pointed me in the short story collection part of the library, i lumbered over and started flipping through stacks of classic Authors, King, Bradbury, Poe, Lovecraft, the list goes on.
           That's when i hit pay dirt,  holy shit a creepy looking baby on the cover of this book, with a name i was vaguely familiar with at the time (hey i was only 11 years old people). The title of my next written adventure was: the small assassin by Ray Bradbury.  I thanked the librarian, who i swear had an evil grin on her face.  I rode my bike home as fast as i could and wondered what strange tale awaited me. Finally reaching home i put my bike away and take off for my room with my new prize in hand. I open the book and the aroma of a decades old book hits my nostrils, i inhale deeply that "old book" smell and begin to read.  
        Years later when I was in High School, we had a Ray Bradbury appreciation week  for his birthday and what was one of the many stories that we read that week? Of course The Small Assassin, it still captivated me all those years later and it still does to this very day. Bradbury had a way with not only words, but with emotions, he made you scared stiff, he made you look under your bed for something you damn well knew wasn't there. I remember my English teacher giving us an assignment on this short story, she wanted us to write an alternative ending and explain how we came to that conclusion and why?
       I had no problems writing a new ending to this story, but i felt odd i must say. I was treading on a horror (and Sci-Fi) icons work with my high school drivel?  How dare I, is all i can hear Bradbury say as I write out my version of his published work.  So i finish my three page ending to his story and hand it in with much reluctance, it's like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.   Well to my amazement my teacher loved it, so much so she actually entered it in a contest for me on writing. I won, i am proud of that and I know Ray would be, but i'm still looking under my bed for that monster thats sure to grab me.....

Monday, September 23, 2013

Giving other writers advice on their work

 I once in a while get asked by friends and strangers alike to read their scripts and short stories. As a writer, I'm of course used to picking up mistakes no matter how major or minor, and inconsistencies. But that inlays the problem, do you as a writer be brutally honest with your friend(s) and these strangers? My simple anwser is yes, you should never sugar coat another persons work if they are asking for criticism. You should be tackful by delivering such news, I'll give you an example: "hey Jeff, I know you have the serial killer hiding the closet and he changed clothes in there. But you have it pouring out, in fact your victims car gets stuck at one point, don't you think the killer would've been dragging mud all through the house?" See, nice and not offensive plus you give them an idea to use what you suggested.
     If you get asked by people and agree to read their work, you don't want to be labeled a prick, so take the high road. Give them the dead honest truth, but always explain it in detail why it doesn't fit/make sense, remember this work is their baby and they're very protective of it as we are of our own work. 
      If they ask you to correct it or edit, at that point you should have a written contact drawn up so it clearly states you worked on that project. Of course there are numerous times where you'll do stuff for free because it's a close friend, ect. In closing if a fellow writer comes to you asking for help and you have the time, please by all means help them. But never lead a writer astray by leaving them in limbo by never looking at their work, that's bad for business.