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Friday, July 6, 2012

My Interview With Shriekfest Founder: Denise Gossett

My interview with horror's leading lady: Denise Gossett. 

Chris: Denise, please tell my readers where your from? 

Denise: Originally born in North Carolina, then Wisconsin, then Illinois, then Florida, then CA.

Chris: You're the creator of shriekfest horror & sci-fi film festival, what sense of accomplishment does that give you? 

Denise: I think it's a bigger deal than I know...to me it's just a little festival that I run...hee hee, sometimes it's hard to comprehend that we get submissions from every country out there!  And it amazes me when I travel how many people know the festival.

Chris: Can you tell us on average how many entries you get and how the selection process works? 

Denise: Well, we stopped counting years ago, but my guess would be 300 plus per major category. Every year I have around 40 judges who help narrow it down and then I have finalist judges who help pick the finalists and the winners.  We have voter sheets that break every category down...it's a pretty lengthy process.  I take a peek at everything to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Chris: Your first film was a indie horror movie, but you're last film was a major Hollywood production starring Mel Gibson, can you tell us the difference between shooting an indie film compared to a major Hollywood production? 

Denise: Well, obviously the budget, which changes how you are treated, how many takes you can have, your dressing rooms, your pay, the food you eat, the places you stay, wardrobe, makeup, etc.  Other than that, making a movie is basically the same...the bigger budgets just have more toys, more crew, better production value in general. 

Chris: Speaking of Get The Gringo, how was it to work with Mel Gibson? 

Denise:Amazing, he is an extremely talented person.  Very giving as an actor, always coming up with ways to make the scenes bigger/longer.  I really thought it was great how he made everyone very comfortable.  The same can be said for Bob Gunton, Peter Stormare, and Scott Cohen too...all top notch professionals.  I had a wonderful time working with all of these fine actors!

Chris: What are your thoughts on the current horror climate in Hollywood? 

Denise: Well, there are way too many remakes and way too many of the same kinds of movies coming out.  It's really sad...I feel like I see better films coming into Shriekfest than the studios are releasing.  The studios should really just stop making them and hunt down some of these glorious indie films and release them!  There is so much undiscovered talent out there!

Chris: Who would star as you in a movie about your life?

Denise:  hmmm....good question.  Perhaps my daughter if she is in to acting when she's older.  :)  I pray she doesn't catch that bug.

Chris: What are your thoughts on the revival of 3D in movies? 

Denise: I think it can be great, but I also feel like it is a fad, the current hot thing, but will fade out soon.  It has in the past.   The past always repeats itself.

Chris: Where do we see Denise Gossett in 5 years? 

Denise: Aw, if only I had a crystal ball.  But seriously,
 I will be starring in studio movies and tv shows and loving every minute of it.  I really am alive when I am on a set.    I will work when I want to work and travel and enjoy my family the rest of the time.   If Shriekfest is still going I won't be the one running it, possibly overlooking it, but it's a lot of work and I will soon want to retire from that aspect.  I hope it will be huge and I will have found the perfect person/people to carry forth what I have accomplished with it thus far. 

Chris: Do you have any plugs you'd like to make? 

Denise: Always....:)  thanks.  Shriekfest is Oct 4-7 this year...come on down, I'd love to meet you!  Of course, my Mel Gibson movie "Get the Gringo" will be out on DVD/Blu Ray July 17th, so, check that out please.  I will be starring in The Cellar Door 2 in the near future and am currently taking meetings for other future projects. 

Find me on facebook,, twitter, I love to stay in touch and meet new people.  www.denisegossett.com  and www.shriekfest.com
Thank you so much Chris, this was wonderful chatting with you!

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