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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Its good to be back.

I know you probably thought I was dead, or perhaps went looking for the missing link, but unfortunately its not a great tale of grandeur, but rather a tale of reflection.
  As many of you know, I have kept a pretty good portion of my personal life public for the simple fact that I don't live a every day normal life like most of you. I obviously don't know you, and can't pass judgment, but please bear with me and I'll explain. I take care of my family.  That simple and quite boring sentence doesn't show anything out of the ordinary, until you dig deeper.
     Two of my siblings are physically and mentally handicapped, I also have a third sibling who is not able to work due to a botched  spinal operation, I have a mother who is not only suffering from a very rare and deadly degenerative brain disease, but she's wasting away physicallyand mentally right in front of us, and I also have a father who is bipolar. 
     Now, most people who have a family such as mine would have a great deal of help, but not so much in my case, and I'm not going into why.  Anyway, I really love my family, but I also love to write. So, it's a lot of catch 22 when it comes to my work and the family. I can't not take care of my family and I sure as hell want to be able to write and become a successful screenwriter, so what's one to do.  Hence why I took a lot of time off from blogging, writing in general and focused on getting my my family healthy.
  I can safely say that we are in a good place at the moment, and I don't have any excuses for why I shouldn't be writing.  I want to thank any and all of you who read this.