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Friday, June 15, 2012

My interview with the minds behind: Shock Horror Magazine (part 1) Dean Boor

I'm doing this in 2 parts as i'm interviewing Dean Boor (First) and Jason Miller (Second). So sit back and lets talk Shock Horror Magazine With Creator Dean Boor.

Chris:  Dean, Please tell my readers a little about yourself, where are you from?
 Dean: Many moons ago a genius scientist created life, Frankensteins Monster. One messy evening after a few jars and a vindaloo, said Monster took a visit to the gents to take a dump and gave birth to what would one day be the creator of Shock Horror Magazine!
  I've been a fan of Horror since a young boy when my older brothers made me watch Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy invaded my nightmares, it all grew from there really. I'm a fan of Horror movies old and new, Horror ink, Horror bands, Horror comics - I love it all! Fun fact: the one film that still scares the crap out of me is The Exorcist, that film has something about it, it's evil! 

Chris:  I love the title of your Magazine, who came up with that title?

Dean:  If memory serves it was my wife that actually came up with the name when we were throwing ideas down for the new magazine, it worked and so it stuck. Glad you like it!

Chris:  Your magazine is the new kid on the block compared to established publications like Fangoria and Rue Morgue, who do you convince people to pick up your magazine over theirs?
Dean: I don't think it's a matter of convincing people to buy over the likes of Fango or Rue, I think if people love Horror they'll check us out for something different and then they'll continue to read us from there. Rue is a kick ass magazine that I'm a big fan of, I only hope that one day Shock Horror can be the UK equivalent.
 In some respects it's good to be the new kid on the block, people don't know what we're all about so there's that curiosity there. Come check us out Creeps! 

Chris:  Who inspired you to become a horror magazine publisher? 

Dean:  Gah that job title sounds swanky, I'm just a Horror geek in a Horror themed candy shop having fun!
 It didn't really kick off that way to be honest, I was working for another UK Horror Magazine that wasn't going the way I wanted and decided to leave. Shock Horror was born out of frustration that there was no decent UK Horror Magazine around at the time, and as a fan I wanted to create something UK Horror fans could enjoy. I guess if anyone inspired me to create Shock Horror Magazine it is other like minded Horror fans. 

Chris:  I love the layout of your magazine, do you do that all on your own or do you discuss it with your arts department? 

Dean:  I think that's one of the biggest compliments I always get, and it's down to Jason Miller and his talent - without him the magazine wouldn't look anywhere near as great as it does. Generally I'll send over Jay an article and he'll come up with an idea for the layout and we'll take it from there. Nine times out of ten he'll hit the nail on the head as we have a very similar vision of how the magazine should look. Jay is the man, I need him to knock me up a Shock Horror tattoo design actually.

Chris: What was your favourite horror movie growing up as a child? 

Dean:  My favourite Horror film growing up as a child would have been Nightmare on Elm street, I went out and got a 1428 tattoo I loved the film so much. The franchise had a huge influence on my love for the genre, that yellow school bus from the films still pops into my nightmares every now and then. There was an avalanche of Horror favourites from there, but the Nightmare on Elm street series is what started it all off for me.

Chris:  Being in the printing business, do you feel that the advent of the Nook and Kindle has hurt your medium or helped it? 

Dean:  Interesting question! To be honest because we are still relatively new and growing it hasn't really had an impact as we have nothing to base it against. If we had been going for ten years or so then the Kindle hit then it would be a different story. Technology has definitely had an impact on printed media, after all why pay to read a magazine when you can get it for free online? For me personally, and I guess with the readers of Shock Horror, we still buy printed media because we like to collect and hold something tangible. When I was a kid I'd spend ages in my local comic store, I love the smell of the comics and being able to collect, I don't think that ever left me and I'll still continue to buy magazines and comics. Once our generation is in the grave maybe that's it, but for now there's still value in being a geek!

Chris:  What are your thoughts on the current state of horror in Hollywood? 

 Dean: The obvious reply would be to start ripping into the remake nightmare! Hollywood fizzed out a long time ago, I don't know where originality went but it certainly wasn't Hollywood. I get more excited about small indie films now, the lower budget films that make films for the love of making films. The Adam Greens and the Ti Wests are the guys that are worth watching, forget Hollywood go pick up Hatchet and a copy of FEAST.

Chris:  A loaded question, what film do you truly feel deserves a remake for our generation?

 Dean: Haha what are you trying to do to me man?! Hmmm, I always think that a lot of kids TV shows from the 80's or 90's would be amazing Horror films. Don't hate me just yet! I mean do you remember 'Aaah!!! Real Monsters'? Imagine if you made a live action film of that, with Adam Green directing, notched it up to cert 18, lots of old school blood and gore. I'd pay to see that. In terms of movies that I think should be remade, I really can't think of any off the top of my head. Let's not hate all remakes though, John Carpenters The Thing is a remake and is one of the greatest Horror films in history!
Chris:  Thank you Dean for being so kind for allowing me to interview you, if you have any websites or plugs you'd like to make please do so now.
 Dean: No way dude thank you for taking time out for us, it's appreciated.
 Check out Shock Horror Magazine and what we are all about over at www.shockhorrormagazine.com and if you like what you see order us online or subscribe. If you like to social network hit us up on www.facebook.com/shockhorrormagazine and www.twitter.com/shockhorrormag

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